Life is a series of uncertainty,  those who are adventurous at heart thrive on this fact.  Those with a truly open mind view the obstacles that are throw their way, simply as a chance to take their lives to the next level.  Breaking preconceived barriers and pushing oneself just a little further each time,   are among this type's core trademarks.  The knowledge that the world offers infinite opportunities to find and experience new places and things,  this is the thinking of those who know the feeling of true freedom.  

These are our kind of people.........

Open Water Planet was created to provide the open water sports community a place to call their own.   For though we are spread all over the world,  we are alike in so many ways.   We work hard,  we play hard,  we are probably having way more fun than 90% of the world.   There is always an excuse to travel and the thrills are all the reward  we need.   Our pools have no walls and the lanes are ever changing.  There are no limits to what we can accomplish,  as a single person, as a community, as a planet. 

OWP spreads it's core message of never fearing the unknown through the company's series of open water events, clinics, travel opportunities, community boards, training programs and gear.  All specifically geared to help those passionate about the water attain their goals and get where they want to go. 


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