Open Water Planet offers a variety of clinic styles geared toward every level of swimmer,  from beginner to advanced.  Whether you are training for your first open water event or triathlon or a seasoned swimmer looking to increase your speed and efficiency,  we have coaches ready to help. 

Clinics can be booked by a team or a group, and can be customized to match multiple levels of ability.   From Novices, who are new to open water swimming, to experienced athletes (Intermediate and Advanced Level) looking to get to the next level.  Novice swimmers,(beginners and those new to triathlons) will learn valuable tips designed to help you in becoming more comfortable in the open water.  Intermediate Swimmers,  will learn techniques and tips designed to improve race day performance in addition to becoming more efficient in race day situations.  Advanced swimmers will be taught more advanced skills including drafting, speed techniques and strategy. 


How can booking a clinic help my team? 

  • Can help team learn and grow 
  • Offers opportunity to recruit new/beginner members 
  • Can be used for fundraising 
  • Upgrade to an existing event 
  • Olympic Swimmers available 
  • Great PR and Marketing Opportunity 
  • OWP branding and PR help available 
  • Faster times, more comfortable swimmers 

What Will be Taught? 

  • Open Water Sighting 
  • Breathing Techniques 
  • Drafting 
  • Training Exercises for pool workouts 
  • Mental Tips 
  • Overcoming Obstacles 
  • Remaining calm in changing situations
  • Water Temps and Safety 
  • Beach Exercises 

Interested in booking a clinic?   We offer opportunities all over the USA.  Fill out the form below or email us at

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