Looking to bring a new open water event to your area?   

Have an existing event and ready to take it to the next level? 

The Open Water Planet Event Production Program is designed to jump start new events and take existing events to the next level.  

Utilizing a turn key event platform our programs are designed to create pro-level experiences in an environment friendly to swimmers of all abilities,  while simultaneously highlighting the unique attributes that draw participants to the host city.   Becoming part of the Open Water Planet Race family means more than just adding a name,  it's a commitment to maximizing the possibilities.  The OWP brand and its programs are committed to achieving true engagement within every entity that goes into an event;  sponsors, participants, the host city, local businesses and programs, non-profits, local swim teams.  Creating a sense of community and purpose within all of these components is the key to creating truly successful and sustainable events.  

So........ you ready to kick it into high gear?   

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Open Water Planet Event Program includes

* Host City Research/Selection/Program Development 

* Sponsorship Program Creation

* Website Development 

* Social Media Buildout 

* Event Marketing and PR

*Resources and Alliances Management 

* Non-profit or Swim Team Fundraising Opportunities 

* Travel Program Design and Partnerships 

* Event Layout and Logistics 

* On site OWP staffing 

* Volunteer Program Creation 

* Booking Olympians and Celebrities 

* Post Event Analytics and Review