Open Water Planet came out of retirement swinging in 2016 with the release of the South Padre Island Open Water Festival hosted by NBC Olympic Commentator Rowdy Gaines and four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg.  This event delivered everything promised with a full weekend of events that offered both open water swimming competition and opportunities to enjoy the variety of activities the Island of South Padre has to offer.  Following the 2016 event, however, OWP has remained fairly quiet in regards to their 2017 schedule.  Today they burst back onto the scene with the announcement of four 2017 events, all part of their latest concept The Triton Series.

“We weren’t trying to build suspense I promise” laughs OWP C.O.O. Casey Taker. “our original vision for this company was to provide experiences for swimmers unlike any other.  After South Padre we realized that it went so much deeper than that.  We want to provide opportunities to not only swim in some amazing locations, but produce a more well-rounded program that allows swimmers to enjoy a new twist on this sport.  So we took our time in developing this series, and we were super choosy about where and how we wanted to host these events.”

The just released first round of the Triton Series features four events, The Triton River ONE on the Comal River in April, The Triton Boulder hits CO in Aug, The Triton Austin in Sept to benefit Colin’s Hope and of course the now famous South Padre Island Open Water Festival in November.  This series offers swimmers the opportunity to swim a range of distances in a variety of conditions, and even throws in a few obstacles along the way.

“The Triton Series is designed to create a new type of aquatic athlete with a deep understanding of not just open water swimming, but of how to handle anything that the water and surrounding conditions might throw at them” explains C.E.O. Bobby Brewer.  “These events are designed to train the body and mind to be comfortable, safe and competitive in all water conditions.  We want our athletes to come out of these events knowing that, no matter what, they can find their way.”

These new unique locations offer swimmers a chance to compete in a river, a lake, and an ocean bay all in the same series.  Additional activities, including tubing through chutes in the river, sprint racing across sand at the beach and relay options in the longer events remind everyone to make sure they are having fun along the way.  Designed for both local and traveling adventure competitors each location offers a full weekend of events, and local partnerships provide unique spins on local activities.  All in all, this series is shaping up to be something completely different in the aquatic community.