Just in time for the New Year 

Online training options for today's busy athlete.  

Training programs, archives, videos and nutrition information designed to take your swimming to the next level.  OWP Personal Training Programs are built by our world class team of instructors, coaches, Olympic athletes and fitness specialists.  Whether you are just starting to swim or looking to conquer that next level event OWP has a program to satisfy your fitness needs.  



training programs designed for your specific needs 

Programs are designed to deliver 5 days a week of workouts that can be done in pool or open water conditions.  Programs include:  

  • 30 Day Kickstarter
  • 45 to your first 500
  • 0 - a mile in 60
  • Level Up - Advancing from a Mile 
  • Daily Dip - On going workouts for athletes currently training for a variety of distance events 



access to training video archive 

In addition to daily videos sent to coincide with your workouts,  OWP provides access to searchable video archives.  Browse through thousands of swim technique videos to find keys to perfecting your stroke, dig deeper into specific skills or learning progressions with hundreds of short courses.  

Binge watch entire swim courses or search for specific videos.  This allows you to train at your own place and critique areas of your stroke.  


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lifestyle training opportunities from our world class team of ADVISERS 

Articles, Discounts on Clinics, Seminars and Courses around the country and specific training workouts from the OWP Advisory Board.  This consists of the best trainers in 

  • Yoga/SUP Yoga 
  • Functional Movement 
  • Water Safety and Ocean Training 
  • Freediving and Waterman Training 
  • Mental Performance in Sports 
  • Travel 
  • Nutrition
  • Gear Reviews

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