Dates:  Saturday April 28 - Sunday April 29, 2018

Race Location:  Pier 19 * 1 Padre Blvd.  South Padre Island, TX * Inside the KOA Campground

Full Weekend Schedule HERE




Triton SPRINT   Youth & Adult      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This is our shortest distance swim, and is designed for anyone from someone brand new to open water swimming to the competitive swimmer who just loves speed.

(Distance: 500m - 750m)  

Includes race entry, event swim cap and overall awards


Triton ONE  Youth & Adult      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This is our most popular event!  

(Distance: 1k - 1 mile) 

Includes race entry,  event swim cap, t-shirt,  welcome reception,  after swim bites,  awards ceremony, finisher medal and overall event awards. 



This race is designed for our athletes that want to take their training to the next level and conquer a longer distance.

(Distance: 3k-5k) 

Includes race entry,  event swim cap, t-shirt,  welcome reception, after swim bites,  awards ceremony, finisher medal and overall event awards. 



Open Water Planet operates on the belief that everything in nature varies.  No two swimmers are the same,  no two locations are the same,  so why should all courses and distances be the same?  That just doesn't make sense!  

Official courses vary in length dependent upon the individual location's water characteristics in addition to the expected weather patterns that might be in effect on race day.  This is done to ensure the safest and most enjoyable races for our athletes.  Athletes are advised to train for the longest distance listed in their category.   When the course map is posted 60 days prior to the event,  estimated distances will be announced.  If you have any questions,  please feel free to reach out to us!  



Races will take place on the bay side of South Padre Island,  with the start and finish line located alongside Pier 19.  The official map will be released soon.  A 10 minute warm up is allowed before the race begins.  This will be an in water start and in water finish with the start gun going off at 8:30am sharp.  Average water temperature on the bay side at that time of year ranges between 71 and 74 degrees.   

Pre-swimming in the bay along Pier 19 property is prohibited outside of scheduled days/hours and is subject to trespassing ticketing.  KOA, Pier 19 and Open Water Planet are not responsible for any accidents that occur outside of pre-scheduled event hours.  


Course maps are tentative and subject to change due to weather,  boat traffic,  better or safer routes or any number of reasons.  


Permissible Strokes. Swimmers may use any stroke to propel themselves through the water and may tread water or float.

Bottom Contact and Resting. A participant may stand on the bottom or rest by holding an inanimate object such as a buoy, boat, rope or floating object. Excluding the bottom, a participant shall not use any inanimate object to gain forward progress. A violation of this section shall result in a variable time penalty, unless the Head Referee in his/her sole discretion determines that (i) the violation was substantial and resulted in an unfair time advantage, or (ii) the violation constituted endangerment. 

Emergencies. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance shall raise an arm overhead, and pump it up and down, and call or seek assistance. A swimmer, who has received official assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from the remainder of the race unless such assistance did not aid the swimmer in making forward progress. No swimmer shall return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests that the participant withdraw from the race or receive medical assistance.

Wet suits. Participants shall be permitted to wear a wet suit without penalty up to and including a water temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Participants can wear a wet suit in temperatures between 68-78,  however they will not be eligible for awards.  Any swimmer wearing a wet suit with a thickness measured in any part greater than 5 millimeters shall be disqualified.  

Measuring Water Temperature. It is recommended, but not required that the water temperature for a race be finally determined by a measurement made within 2 hours of the race start. A water temperature measurement should also be taken prior to any pre-race meetings in order to forecast to the athletes as early as possible the likely water temperature on race day and the likelihood of whether wet suits will be allowed on race day.

Official Equipment. If provided by race management, a swimmer shall wear the proper official swim cap corresponding to his wave. The penalty for an infraction of this rule is a variable time penalty. For safety reasons if no official cap is provided, all swimmers should wear their own brightly colored swim cap.

Goggles. Swimmers may wear, but shall not be required to wear, swim goggles or face masks.

Illegal Equipment. Any swimmer wearing any artificial propulsion device, including but not limited to fins, gloves, paddles, or floating devices of any kind shall be disqualified.  Safe Swimmers are allowed. 

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****** Course Map,  Please note that the course is subject to change *****

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