Team Travel

 Logistics, Logistics, Logistics 

For most swimmers,  the opportunity to travel with their team to compete is one of the highlights of the sport.  For youth or adult, competitive or strictly for fun,  the possibilities seem endless!  For coaches and team volunteers however these opportunities come with headaches and hours of extra work in researching and planning travel logistics.   Hours spent working on these tasks often take away from time spent concentrating on training programs and other team responsibilities.  Great news is however.........there is a solution. 

Open Water Planet and its parent company Triton Collective offer a host of travel programs designed specifically for the swimming team community.  We handle the travel research and logistics,  you get to concentrate on your team.  Everyone is a winner.   Our travel coordinators work with properties and transportation companies all over the country to find the best rates,  we partner with local attractions and businesses to include events and opportunities unique to the area.   Our goal is simple,  to make travel easy and fun for everyone involved. 

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