Our planet was created to be explored. 

A founding belief of the Open Water Planet lifestyle,  this principle reminds us that travel isn't an option for those adventurous at heart.  It's a necessity.  The founding members of OWP have collectively traveled the world in search of a variety of adventures and challenges.  With this knowledge we strive to create truly once in a lifetime opportunities for our OWP family.

Whether it's a team trip for 100 or a personal get-a-way for 2,  we have the tools and knowledge to make sure your time is spent exploring, not planning.   

Not sure where you want to go?   Our OWP Bucketlist Program allows you to choose from a variety of exciting places and meet new enthusiasts who are on a quest to conquer the open water world as well. 

 So grab those goggles, renew that passport and get ready to make everyone you know jealous